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About Us

When Randy Evans started his specialty concrete business in North Charleston in 1995, he hoped to capitalize on the longstanding love for stylish construction in this charming historic city.

As a native Charlestonian, he understood the desire many fellow residents have for homes and businesses with striking aesthetic and architectual appeal. He believed that a company offering decorative concrete work could quickly tap an unmet market demand.

13 years later, his instincts have been proven correct. Decorative concrete of SC is now one of the city's most well-respected concrete design firms. The company handles both residential and commercial projects, from walkways, sidewalks and driveways, to pool decks, patio and garden paths.

"I thought decorative concrete work would be wonderful for this area," says Randy, who has spent almost three decades in the concrete business. "Most of where you saw this work in the past was in very high-end homes and businesses. We provided an economical way that people could enjoy the same looks at an affordable price."